Can huperzine A give you lucid dreams? A self-experiment.

There are lots of herbs and substances that have been said to enhance dreaming in some way. I’ve experimented with a few of these myself, like galantamine and mugwort. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been hearing more and more about huperzine A as a potential lucid dream enhancer, so I decided to experimentContinue reading “Can huperzine A give you lucid dreams? A self-experiment.”

“The Psychology of Dreaming” – almost there!

After several years of being in the works, my book The Psychology of Dreaming is almost here! This website will accompany the book – as well as the “Glossary of Dreamy Terms”, this site contains some extra information about dream psychology for those who like a little extra info. The book will be available inContinue reading ““The Psychology of Dreaming” – almost there!”