Precognitive Dreaming: A Personal Account

I’m not one of the many people who have had lots of experiences of apparently precognitive dreams. However, I regularly attend conferences hosted by the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and at every conference they have “precognitive dreaming contests”. One year I decided to participate. On the night of the contest, you’re asked to set the intention to have a precognitive dream, and then in the morning, an image is selected that you’re meant to have dreamt of. That night, I had very high dream recall – I wrote down five separate dreams. In the morning, I excitedly opened up the picture to find: absolutely no correspondence whatsoever between any of my dreams and the image! I was mildly disappointed, but not surprised. However, what happened next was the interesting part.

One of the dreams I’d had on the night of the contest took me back to a childhood memory of when my parents were having work done on our house, and we temporarily had no roof. One night, it rained so much that the ceiling of my bedroom collapsed under the weight of the rainwater. I was a very young child, but the memory is still vivid because it was so shocking. This is what I dreamt of on the Friday night of the precognitive dream content.

The following Monday was the first day of a new academic year, and I went to give my first lecture of the year having been away from campus over the summer period. When I reached the lecture theatre, I discovered that there were works being done on the building, and guess what? The ceiling had leaked and collapsed right above my lectern! I thought this was a hilarious coincidence. But it doesn’t even stop there.

The Monday after that, I went into my office. My office was in a building on the opposite side of campus to the lecture theatre of the previous week. I walked in and found that once again, a leak had made the ceiling in my office collapse. This time it was due to a radiator bursting in the room above us over the weekend, so it was completely unrelated to the first ceiling collapse, and completely unpredictable.

At this point, it was very weird! I still tend to think of this a funny coincidence rather than precognitive, since it’s the only experience I have ever had like this; if I’d had loads, I might be less inclined to put it down to coincidence.

Two scientists who have had lots of what they believe to be precognitive dreams, however, have published books on this topic, so if this is of interest to you, you may like to consult their publications. The first one features my own experience!


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