Book Review of ‘The Psychology of Dreaming’

Thanks to Michael Schredl for his review of my book, The Psychology of Dreaming. Schredl’s review can be found in the latest edition of the International Journal of Dream Research, an academic journal focused entirely on dream science and psychology. All of its articles are free to access. The summary of his review is asContinue reading “Book Review of ‘The Psychology of Dreaming’”

“The Psychology of Dreaming” is now out!

It’s finally here! My book, The Psychology of Dreaming, is now available to buy. This short book comprehensively covers the last 100 years of dream research: you’ll read about why we dream, extraordinary dream experiences like lucid dreams and sleep paralysis nightmares, the link between dreaming and mental health, how to work with your ownContinue reading ““The Psychology of Dreaming” is now out!”

Can huperzine A give you lucid dreams? A self-experiment.

There are lots of herbs and substances that have been said to enhance dreaming in some way. I’ve experimented with a few of these myself, like galantamine and mugwort. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been hearing more and more about huperzine A as a potential lucid dream enhancer, so I decided to experimentContinue reading “Can huperzine A give you lucid dreams? A self-experiment.”

“The Psychology of Dreaming” – almost there!

After several years of being in the works, my book The Psychology of Dreaming is almost here! This website will accompany the book – as well as the “Glossary of Dreamy Terms”, this site contains some extra information about dream psychology for those who like a little extra info. The book will be available inContinue reading ““The Psychology of Dreaming” – almost there!”

Where do banished thoughts go? Into your dreams, of course…

When we have thoughts that make us feel uncomfortable, a natural response is to try hard not to think about them. What happens to those banished thoughts – can they really just disappear? According to psychoanalytic theory, these thoughts come back and haunt us in our dreams, sometimes in symbolic ways. But in recent years, oneirologistsContinue reading “Where do banished thoughts go? Into your dreams, of course…”

Welcome to!

Welcome to, a website dedicated to the research, study, experimentation, and exploration of dreams. This site will become a repository for all things dreaming – summaries of scientific experiments, historical accounts of dream research, pages dedicated to explaining what we know about various sleep and dream phenomena (such as lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, nightmare treatment,Continue reading “Welcome to!”