Book Review of ‘The Psychology of Dreaming’

Thanks to Michael Schredl for his review of my book, The Psychology of Dreaming. Schredl’s review can be found in the latest edition of the International Journal of Dream Research, an academic journal focused entirely on dream science and psychology. All of its articles are free to access. The summary of his review is as follows:

“The book of Josie Malinowski is a well-written and informative introduction into psychological dream research. After definitions and a brief review of the history of dreaming, the author integrates many of the current theories about dream function, e.g., processing of emotions, Social Simulation theory, or dreaming as playing. In addition, clinical aspects, e.g., dream sharing, are reviewed with the interesting idea that working with dreams in waking might enhance the function of dreams. Phenomena like lucid dreams, precognitive dreaming, posttraumatic dreams, and sleep paralysis which are currently discussed widely are presented in a very concise format, clearly demonstrating the author’s knowledge that she has accumulated over more than 10 years of dream research. Lastly, the author emphasizes that dream researchers – like scientists in general – should also discuss the ethical implications of their findings, e.g., when influencing dream content with application of external stimuli.

Schredl, M. (2021). Book review: Malinowski, J. (2021). The psychology of dreaming. International Journal of Dream Research, 14(1), 190-194.

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