“The Psychology of Dreaming” is now out!

It’s finally here! My book, The Psychology of Dreaming, is now available to buy. This short book comprehensively covers the last 100 years of dream research: you’ll read about why we dream, extraordinary dream experiences like lucid dreams and sleep paralysis nightmares, the link between dreaming and mental health, how to work with your own dreams, whether androids will ever be able to dream, and much more! It is available from the following online bookshops:



Barnes & Noble


Book Depository


Google Play Books





I’d love to hear what you think – please write a review, or get in touch with me here.

Happy dreaming everyone!


One thought on ““The Psychology of Dreaming” is now out!

  1. Great book that explores dreaming from a scientific perspective without being too academic and also without straying into the cliches of new age and woo. Really, really good read that talks about some mind blowing ideas and potential for future dreaming…


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